Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pre Holiday Jewelry Show

It's time for another show. Oct. 17th from noon till 8:00 pm. I was going to wait till December, but I had lots of requests for a show asap. I am one to please my clients, so here we are. For everyone in the local area check your Face Book request tab & click on event invitation. There you will find your invitation to the show. Please do RSVP so I have enough food & drink. It should be yet another great time.
I had a special request for a bracelet that took me about 4 weeks to perfect. I now have a new obsession; bracelet making..... Check them out on my website or my fan page on FB.
Thanks again for every one's continuing support in my artist endeavors. I feel I will never bore with my artwork. I still love creating jewelry from clay. Thanks again, Shannon :)

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